Monday, August 3, 2015

Day 22- Ozdic, Peer-Review, and ICES feedback

Class Today:
Review Essay Structure
How to Cite Source
Common Mistakes
  • Improper formating
  • Not following structure
  • Criteria not clear
  • Steps not related
  • I need your opinions on this class and my teaching. 

Next Class: No class! Meet me for conference at FLB 3050. If you don't remember your time, click here.

1. Final draft of Case-Based Essay is due August 8th by midnight. Late assignments will not be accepted! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 21- Review Evidence, COCA

Class Today:
  • Action Plan
    • Let's work on what you've written so far for your action plan.
  • Outline
    • Let's review how to write a case-based essay by looking at this outline
  • COCA
Next Class: Case-Based Essay Workshop, ICES (Last Class)

1. First draft of case-based essay is due August 1st by midnight.
2. Final draft of case-based essay is due August 8th by NOON.
3. Oral Presentation final reflection due July 31st by midnight.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 20: Review Evidence,Grammar Review

Class Today:
  • Final Oral Presentation
    • The last group will do their oral presentation. After they present, give them feedback here
Next Class: Review Evidence and Outline, COCA

1. First draft of case-based essay is due July 31st by midnight.
2. Final draft of case-based essay is due August 8th by NOON.
3. Oral Presentation final reflection due July 31st by midnight.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 19- Oral Presentation, Continue Evidence, Action Plan

Today You Will Learn How to: 
  • Give feedback on oral presentations.
  • Use 4-step rebuttal strategies to defend their argument against (potential) criticism and evidence contrary to their position
  • Qualify and moderate a claim effectively
  • Summarize an action plan.
  • Determine what an action plan is and how it is used within a case-based essay.
  • Analyze how to effectively create an action plan and connect with main points within the essay.
Class Today:
Common Problems in Outlines

  • Not an outline
  • Problem statement not enough information
  • Position statement too broad. 
  • Other components not specific. 

Oral Presentations
  • Two groups today. Give anonymous feedback on each student, here
Evidence Continued
  • If time, a mini workshop
Next Class: Continue Oral Presentations, Action Plan

1. First draft of case-based essay is due July 31st by midnight.
2. Final draft of case-based essay is due August 8th by NOON.
3. Oral Presentation final reflection due July 31st by midnight.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 18-Problem-Position Statement, Evidence

Today You Will Learn How to:
  • Create a clear and concise problem statement to provide relevant background information about the case and motivation for the essay
  • Create a specific and focused position statement that includes the purpose and outline of the essay
  • Use two different types of evidence (qualitative vs. quantitative) to support their position statement in a case-based essay.
  • Utilize PIE in the evidence part of your writing.
Class Today:

Problem/Position Statement
  • Warm-up: What ideas for a position statement did you come up with? Share your ideas in this google doc.
  • Powerpoint Click here
  • Sample Problem/Position Statements. Which do you like best? 
    • One
    • Two
      • Questions to think about:
        • Does the problem statement provide clear and concise background information on the case to be analyzed? If not, what seems to be the problem?
        • Does it present a clear position statement (Recommended decision)?
        • Is the position statement specific and focused, including purpose and the outline (direction) of the essay? 
Next Class: Oral Presentations, Cont Evidence, Action Plan

  • Outline due on Compass Friday
  • Reflection due on Compass Friday
  • First Draft of case-based essay is due July 31st, by midnight.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 17- Introduction to Case-Based Essays, Outlining Case-Based Essays

Class Today:
Intro to Case-Based Essay

Outlining a Case-Based Essay

Next Class: Problem/Position statement

1. Begin drafting a rough outline of your case-based essay and bring it to class either in paper or digital form. This will be due Friday at noon. Turn it into Compass2g.
2. Meet to discuss your oral presentation. Then turn in a 300 word reflection on your oral presentation so far. Turn in it to Compass 2g by Friday, July 23rd at NOON. You should have done a peer-review of each other's presentations.
3. First draft of your case-based essay is due July 31st by midnight.
4. Be prepared to show your oral presentation next week~!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 16- Pronunciation Tips, Intro to Case-Based Essay,

Class Today:
Oral Presentation Pronunciation Tips (5 minutes)
Here are several tools you can use to help improve your pronunciation
Quiz!: Take this quiz on the reading. (15 minutes)

Discussion of Article (30 minutes)
Step 1- What are some ways Brent can solve the problem?
Step 2- 3 groups will each defend one solution. Then they will present on their solution.

Introduction to Case-Based Essay
1. Choose what time you want to meet for your individual conference. It must be on August 4th.
2. Read the rubric and assignment prompt for the case-based essay and contact me if you have any questions.
3. Read How to Write a Case-Based Essay. There will be a quiz! :)
4. Begin drafting a rough outline of your case-based essay. This will be due Friday. Turn it into Compass 2g.
5. Meet to discuss your oral presentation. Then turn in a 300 word reflection on your oral presentation so far. Turn in it to Compass 2g by Friday, July 23rd at NOON. You should have done a peer-review of each other's presentations.
6. No journal :)

Next Class: Review Case-Based Essay Structure, Case Based Essay Outline

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 14- Presentation Delivery Continued, Question and Answering, Presentation Language

Class Today:
Delivery- Voice Practice


Presentation Language
Let's go over this handout.

Presentation Practice
In groups, prepare a mini presentation on your topic. You will present it to the class. After each mini presentation, your classmates will give you anonymous feedback in this shared google doc.

Next Class:
Library! Meet at the Undergraduate Library, room 291. 

1. Bring one question to ask about the library.
2. Read "A Day in the Life of Brent Dorsey" for class on Monday. There may be a quiz :)
3. As an entire group, practice your presentation outside of class. Upload your powerpoints and outlines to one of your shared Box folders. Only ONE person in each group should upload the files by Thursday, July 23rd. Remember you will present on July 27th and 29th.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 13- Visual Aids Continued,Workshop

Class Today:

Finish Visual Aids

Overcoming Nervousness
Let's work on and discuss this handout.

General Delivery
Voice Practice
How to Answer Questions

Next Class:  Continue Oral Presentation Delivery Workshop
Class will meet at the Undergraduate Library on Thursday. 

1. Journal 5- Do you like public speaking? Why or why not? Think of a public speaker you find impressive. Why? How could you integrate his or her strengths into your own public speaking.

2. Prepare your presentation for class on Wednesday, so we can do a workshop.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 12- Outlining, Visual Aids

Class Today:
  • Full overview of Oral Presentation Assignment
  • Choose presentation times.
    • 7/27- two groups
      • Intercultural Communication
      • Applying for a Job
    • 7/29- one group
      • Interviewing
  • Outlining your topic
    • With your oral presentation group, use the textbook to answer these questions from the textbook.
    • Powerpoint
    • Use this presentation to outline to help you develop your own outline. 
  • Visual Aid
Next Class: Outlining/Visual Aid Workshop, Oral Presentation Delivery

1. Schedule a time to meet with your group to further develop your visual and outline. You should have your first version prepared for a workshop on Monday.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 11- Plagiarism Test, Oral Presentations Introduction

Class Today:
  • Plagiarism Test- You will have as much time as you need to complete the test. 
  • Set Up Box Folders
    • Under your UIllinois Box account, share a folder with me. This folder will have all your grading feedback and we will also share other files here.
  • Oral Presentation Unit
    • Warm-up: In this shared google doc, anonymously share with me your experiences in public speaking.
    • Let's discuss how this assignment will work. Assignment prompt and rubric are here
  • Building Teams and Choosing a Topic
    • I will randomly put you in groups of 3-4 people. Then each group will choose one of these topics. No one can use the same topic. 
      • Applying for a job in the United States (writing a cover letter, 
      • Interviewing in the United States (preparing, questions to ask, negotiating salary)
      • Intercultural communication (doing business with cultures different than one's own)
      • Business Ethics
      • A topic of your own choosing with my permission.
        • You will present on this topic for the entire unit! Choose wisely :)
    • Practice Thinking on Your Feet (if time)
      • With your group, prepare a 5 minute presentation on your topic. This is NOT for a grade. Then, I will give you some feedback. Don't stress. 
1. Read the rubric on oral presentation and contact me if you have any questions.
2. Read "PowerPoint Makes You Dumb" for class tomorrow. Be sure to consider the questions as you do the reading. Be prepared to discuss the article. This is part of your participation grade.
3. Do some preliminary research on your topic. Organize how you will meet with your group members.

Next Class:  Outlining,Visual Aids

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 10- Review APA, Academic Language, Oral Presentation

Class Today:
  • Common Mistakes in Summary
    • Use of "it"
    • Passive Voice
    • Countable and non countable nouns
    • Reading carefully
  • Finish Academic Style
    • Let's finish the Academic Style Worksheet
  • APA Citation
  • Summary Workshop (if time)

Next Class: Plagiarism Tutorial Test,  Presentation Outlining

Class Materials:
1. Academic Style Worksheet (key)
2. APA Citation Prezi

1. Study for the Plagiarism Tutorial Test for next class.
2. Final draft of summary is due July 8th by midnight.
3. Journal- How do you change your writing and speaking style to suit an audience? If possible, discuss what you do in English and your first language.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 9- Review Paraphrasing, APA Citation, Academic Language

Class Today
  • Review Paraphrasing
  • APA Citation
  • Academic Language (if time)
    • Let's watch this youtube video. Think about the following questions:
      • How does Data (the robot) talk? How is it different from regular speech? Can you tell he is a robot by the way he talks?
      • How is talking different than writing?
    • Let's play the academic style game
    • If time, we will start on the Academic Style worksheet
Next Class: Review Academic Language and APA, New unit- Oral Presentation

1. Paraphrasing Worksheet (Key)
2. APA Citation Prezi
3. APA worksheet
4. Business Citation
5. Academic Style Game Powerpoint
6. Academic Style Worksheet (Key)

1. Revise your summary to include APA citation and academic language. Draft 1 of your summary is due July 3rd by NOON. Final draft of your summary is due July 8th by Midnight.
2. Study for the in-class plagiarism tutorial test on July 8th.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 8- Summary continued, Paraphrasing and quoting

Today You Will Learn How To:

Class Today:
  • Response to Your Feedback
  • Plagiarism Tutorial
  • Group Search
  • Powerpoint
    • Click on the powerpoint, here
    • Also, look at this paraphrasing tips document.
    • When you are paraphrasing, share your answers in our shared google doc.
  • Worksheet

Next Class: Documenting Sources in APA and Academic Language Style

Paraphrasing and Quoting Powerpoint
Paraphrasing Tips
Worksheet (Key)

  • Draft 1 of your summary is due July 3rd by NOON. Final draft of your summary is due July 8th by Midnight. 
  • Finish up any part of the plagiarism tutorial- part 1 and 2 not completed. The in-class plagiarism test will be on July 8th. Remember, you must pass this test to pass the class. If you have any concerns contact me! 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 7- Summary Continued, Formatting

Today You Will Learn How To:
  • Properly format an academic assignment.
  • Understand the different types and degrees of reporting verbs. 
  • Integrate transitions appropriately into a summary.
  • Use the summary structure in your writing.
Class Today:

Each row will do one part of this formatting worksheet.
Row 1- A, Row 2- B, Row 3- C, Row 4- D

Warm Up
Open up the summary you started writing. What do you think is missing? Share your answers in google doc, here.

Today, we will discuss how to bring your summary up to the next level!

We will look at this powerpoint throughout the class.

Group Reading
Since you know how to read for a summary, read "Why bitcoin could fail." Write down the article's main points as a group. We will discuss the main points you found shortly.

Reporting Verbs
Use this handout to help you adapt your main points into summary. In your groups, adapt your summary to include

Discuss Rubric
I will briefly discuss the rubric for unit 2.

Please answer the questions in this survey. I really value your opinions and want this course to be awesome!

Next Class: Review Summary, Paraphrasing and Quoting

Summary Powerpoint
Reporting Verbs Handout
Formatting Handout (Answers)

  • Draft 1 of your summary is due July 3rd by NOON. Final draft of your summary is due July 8th by Midnight. 
  • Review summary assignment rubric and contact me if you have any questions.
  • Journal #3- When could plagiarism become a problem in the field of accountancy? Why? What ethical issues do you see in accountancy?
  • Finish up any part of the plagiarism tutorial- part 1 and 2 not completed. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 6- Avoiding Plagiarism and Summary

Today You Will Learn How To:
  • Explain a summary.
  • Evaluate the characteristics of a summary.
Class Today:
  • Final Memo Review
    • Show me your most recent memo revision and let's discuss. 
  • Plagiarism
    • Discuss the "Revision and Rhodes" article in small groups with these questions:
      • What surprised you about this article?
      • Do you agree with Yang?
      • Have you collaborated with your classmates or colleagues on projects? Was collaboration common in your home country?
      • How does this article relate to what you understand about plagiarism?
  • Warm-Up
    • What did you do last weekend? Please share in google docs.
  • Read this article and write down the main points.
  • Powerpoint
    • Follow along with this powerpoint. This is just an introduction to summary writing.
  • Look at this sample summary and discuss in groups. This summary earned an "A." Why? 
  • (If time) Compare the sample summary with the main points you wrote from the Chilli's/Red Lobster article earlier. 
Next Class: Continue Summary

1.) The final revision of your memo is due Saturday, June 27th by NOON.
2.) Do Part 2 of the Plagiarism Tutorial-Plagiarism or Not.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 5- Writing a Reader Centered Memo

Today You Will Learn How To:
  • Establish common ground with the reader in your memos.
  • Achieve “you” orientation in your memos.
  • Emphasize positive in business writing by using positive language.
  • Understand the importance of choosing the right tone for your memos
Class Today:
  • Announcements
    • All journals are in the same document
    • General comments about memos
    • Plagiarism tutorial
  • Alone, read this memo. What do you think is wrong with it? Why? Share your thoughts in this shared google doc
  • Powerpoint
  • Modify this memo.

Next Class: Introduction to Avoiding Plagiarism, Summary writing

1. Plagiarism Tutorial: Introduction to Avoiding Plagiarism on Compass2g.
2. Revise your memos to be reader centered. Remember the final draft is due Saturday, June 27th by noon.
3. Read "Revision and Rhodes"

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 4- Audience and Purpose

Today You Will Learn:
  • To recognize the importance of clarifying audience and purpose before writing
    • How to analyze sample memos in terms of audience and purpose awareness
    Class Today:
    • Announcements
    • Review Memo Basics
      • What are some important characteristics in a memo? Why?
    • Audience Analysis

    Next Class: Audience Purpose,Writing a Reader Centered Memo, Business Writing Style

    1. Journal #2: Why did you decide to earn an MS in Accountancy? What do you like about accountancy? What do you dislike?
    2. Final draft of Memo Revision is due June 27th at Noon.
    3. Complete 3 exercises from Roebuck:
    a.) Exercise 7 "Courtesy" on p.68
    (based on reading p.54)

    b.) Exercise 1 "Identifying Direct
    and Indirect Writing  Strategies" on p. 95
     (based on reading pg.87-90)

    c.) Exercise 2 "Positive Writing Strategies" on p. 95
    (based on reading pg.93-94)

    Day 3- Memo Basics

    Today You Will Learn:
    • How to describe characteristics of a successful memo. 
    • How to describe essential elements in different parts of a memo
    • Identify different types of memo (good news, bad news, persuasive) according to different purposes 
    Class Today:
    • Announcements
      • First Major Assignment- Diagnostic Memo Rewrite
      • Assignment schedule now on course website

    1. Choose and complete 2 exercises from Roebuck p.84, 97, 116. Please bring the exercises to class on Monday. 
    2. Read my comments on your Diagnostic Memo and begin rewriting. Remember, summer semester moves FAST!
    3. Read the rubric for the Diagnostic Memo and contact me if you have any questions.


    Next Class: Review Memo Basics, Audience and Purpose

    Wednesday, June 17, 2015

    Day 2-In-class Diagnostic, Review 7 C's

    Class Today:
    • Using only Microsoft Word you have an hour to write an essay using a prompt I will give you in class. No dictionaries are allowed. 
    • Contact list
    • My preferred e-mail
    • Journal shared document
    Review 7 C's of Communication

    • Here is a link to a passage. In pairs, discuss what is a mistake. Which C's are missing? Why?
    • Here is the key.
    Next Class:  Continue Memo Basics


    1. Read Roebuck Ch. 4, 5, 6 and fill out 'Types of Memo.'
    2. Finish writing your first journal. Since there was some confusion, the assignment is due Thursday.

    Saturday, June 13, 2015

    Day 1- Welcome to ESL 505 Section X1

    Class Today:
    • Course Expectations-Yours and Mine 
      • Anonymously write what you expect from this course on a piece of notebook paper. 
      • I will read your ideas and compare it with what we will do in this course. 
    • Introduction to Each Other
      • Interview a classmate and then introduce him or her. Remember to take notes and ask the following questions:
        • What is your name full and preferred name in class?
        • Hometown
        • Why MSA at UIllinois?
        • If you could be doing anything right now (not studying or sleeping) what would you do?
        • What is something about you that would surprise your classmates? 
    • Introduction to the Course
      • Important Course Policies
        • Why I'm here
        • Attendance
        • Tardiness
        • Plagiarism
        • Textbook
        • Late Assignments
        • Respect
        • Class always end at 4:50!
        • Helpful Hints for Success
      • Course Technology and Materials
        • Compass 2g
        • Box
        • Engrade
        • Google docs
        • Blogspot
        • E-mail
      • Continuous Assignments
        • Class Participation
          • Everyday you are graded on your participation in class. 
        • Journals
          • Every week I will give you a journal assignment. These are not graded for grammar, but depth of thought. More is explained here
    • Basics of Business Communication
      • With the same person you interviewed, try to brainstorm what are some important characteristics in business communication. Hint: they all start with "C.
      • Next look at this chart. Were your answers similar or different? Let's discuss. 
      • In groups, try to finish the chart.
      • Now, compare your answers with this key.   
    Next Class:  In-class Diagnostic, Basic Components of a Memo

     All assignments are due before class.
    • Read this e-mail handout and send me an e-mail.  This is part of your homework grade!
    • Carefully read the course policies handout. Contact me if you have any questions. 
    • Read p. 36-59 in Roebuck. 
    • Share your contact information in this google doc. This is also part of your homework grade!
    • Make a shared google doc with me for your journal.
    • Journal Assignment-In your opinion, which of the 7 C's is most important? Why? Support your answer with specific examples.