Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 9- Review Paraphrasing, APA Citation, Academic Language

Class Today
  • Review Paraphrasing
  • APA Citation
  • Academic Language (if time)
    • Let's watch this youtube video. Think about the following questions:
      • How does Data (the robot) talk? How is it different from regular speech? Can you tell he is a robot by the way he talks?
      • How is talking different than writing?
    • Let's play the academic style game
    • If time, we will start on the Academic Style worksheet
Next Class: Review Academic Language and APA, New unit- Oral Presentation

1. Paraphrasing Worksheet (Key)
2. APA Citation Prezi
3. APA worksheet
4. Business Citation
5. Academic Style Game Powerpoint
6. Academic Style Worksheet (Key)

1. Revise your summary to include APA citation and academic language. Draft 1 of your summary is due July 3rd by NOON. Final draft of your summary is due July 8th by Midnight.
2. Study for the in-class plagiarism tutorial test on July 8th.

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