Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 16- Pronunciation Tips, Intro to Case-Based Essay,

Class Today:
Oral Presentation Pronunciation Tips (5 minutes)
Here are several tools you can use to help improve your pronunciation
Quiz!: Take this quiz on the reading. (15 minutes)

Discussion of Article (30 minutes)
Step 1- What are some ways Brent can solve the problem?
Step 2- 3 groups will each defend one solution. Then they will present on their solution.

Introduction to Case-Based Essay
1. Choose what time you want to meet for your individual conference. It must be on August 4th.
2. Read the rubric and assignment prompt for the case-based essay and contact me if you have any questions.
3. Read How to Write a Case-Based Essay. There will be a quiz! :)
4. Begin drafting a rough outline of your case-based essay. This will be due Friday. Turn it into Compass 2g.
5. Meet to discuss your oral presentation. Then turn in a 300 word reflection on your oral presentation so far. Turn in it to Compass 2g by Friday, July 23rd at NOON. You should have done a peer-review of each other's presentations.
6. No journal :)

Next Class: Review Case-Based Essay Structure, Case Based Essay Outline

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