Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 8- Summary continued, Paraphrasing and quoting

Today You Will Learn How To:

Class Today:
  • Response to Your Feedback
  • Plagiarism Tutorial
  • Group Search
  • Powerpoint
    • Click on the powerpoint, here
    • Also, look at this paraphrasing tips document.
    • When you are paraphrasing, share your answers in our shared google doc.
  • Worksheet

Next Class: Documenting Sources in APA and Academic Language Style

Paraphrasing and Quoting Powerpoint
Paraphrasing Tips
Worksheet (Key)

  • Draft 1 of your summary is due July 3rd by NOON. Final draft of your summary is due July 8th by Midnight. 
  • Finish up any part of the plagiarism tutorial- part 1 and 2 not completed. The in-class plagiarism test will be on July 8th. Remember, you must pass this test to pass the class. If you have any concerns contact me! 

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