Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 19- Oral Presentation, Continue Evidence, Action Plan

Today You Will Learn How to: 
  • Give feedback on oral presentations.
  • Use 4-step rebuttal strategies to defend their argument against (potential) criticism and evidence contrary to their position
  • Qualify and moderate a claim effectively
  • Summarize an action plan.
  • Determine what an action plan is and how it is used within a case-based essay.
  • Analyze how to effectively create an action plan and connect with main points within the essay.
Class Today:
Common Problems in Outlines

  • Not an outline
  • Problem statement not enough information
  • Position statement too broad. 
  • Other components not specific. 

Oral Presentations
  • Two groups today. Give anonymous feedback on each student, here
Evidence Continued
  • If time, a mini workshop
Next Class: Continue Oral Presentations, Action Plan

1. First draft of case-based essay is due July 31st by midnight.
2. Final draft of case-based essay is due August 8th by NOON.
3. Oral Presentation final reflection due July 31st by midnight.

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