To be a better writer, one must write! The journal is an opportunity for you to practice writing without pressure or stress. Some of us are quieter than others, so this is a chance for me to hear everyone's thoughts.

A journal topic will be assigned every week. You must finish the journal before the next class. 

Create a google doc and share with my google docs e-mail, This assignment is part of your class participation grade. You will be evaluated on your depth of thought, but not grammar or word choice.

-A minimum 150 words, maximum 300 words
-Grammar and word choice less important.
-Answer the question.
-Varying opinions are welcome, but remember to support your answer with examples.
-You must do 5 journals. You may skip one or do all 6 and earn extra credit.

Week 1- In your opinion, which of the 7 C's is most important? Why? Support your answer with specific examples. 

Week 2- Why did you decide to earn an MS in Accountancy? What do you like about accountancy? What do you dislike? 

Week 3- When could plagiarism become a problem in the field of accountancy? Why? What ethical issues do you see in accountancy?

Week 4- How do you change your writing and speaking style to suit an audience? If possible, discuss what you do in English and your first language. 

Week 5- Do you like public speaking? Why or why not? Think of a public speaker you find impressive. Why? How could you integrate his or her strengths into your own public speaking?

Week 6- 

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