Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day 1- Welcome to ESL 505 Section X1

Class Today:
  • Course Expectations-Yours and Mine 
    • Anonymously write what you expect from this course on a piece of notebook paper. 
    • I will read your ideas and compare it with what we will do in this course. 
  • Introduction to Each Other
    • Interview a classmate and then introduce him or her. Remember to take notes and ask the following questions:
      • What is your name full and preferred name in class?
      • Hometown
      • Why MSA at UIllinois?
      • If you could be doing anything right now (not studying or sleeping) what would you do?
      • What is something about you that would surprise your classmates? 
  • Introduction to the Course
    • Important Course Policies
      • Why I'm here
      • Attendance
      • Tardiness
      • Plagiarism
      • Textbook
      • Late Assignments
      • Respect
      • Class always end at 4:50!
      • Helpful Hints for Success
    • Course Technology and Materials
      • Compass 2g
      • Box
      • Engrade
      • Google docs
      • Blogspot
      • E-mail
    • Continuous Assignments
      • Class Participation
        • Everyday you are graded on your participation in class. 
      • Journals
        • Every week I will give you a journal assignment. These are not graded for grammar, but depth of thought. More is explained here
  • Basics of Business Communication
    • With the same person you interviewed, try to brainstorm what are some important characteristics in business communication. Hint: they all start with "C.
    • Next look at this chart. Were your answers similar or different? Let's discuss. 
    • In groups, try to finish the chart.
    • Now, compare your answers with this key.   
Next Class:  In-class Diagnostic, Basic Components of a Memo

 All assignments are due before class.
  • Read this e-mail handout and send me an e-mail.  This is part of your homework grade!
  • Carefully read the course policies handout. Contact me if you have any questions. 
  • Read p. 36-59 in Roebuck. 
  • Share your contact information in this google doc. This is also part of your homework grade!
  • Make a shared google doc with me for your journal.
  • Journal Assignment-In your opinion, which of the 7 C's is most important? Why? Support your answer with specific examples. 

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