Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 4- Audience and Purpose

Today You Will Learn:
  • To recognize the importance of clarifying audience and purpose before writing
    • How to analyze sample memos in terms of audience and purpose awareness
    Class Today:
    • Announcements
    • Review Memo Basics
      • What are some important characteristics in a memo? Why?
    • Audience Analysis

    Next Class: Audience Purpose,Writing a Reader Centered Memo, Business Writing Style

    1. Journal #2: Why did you decide to earn an MS in Accountancy? What do you like about accountancy? What do you dislike?
    2. Final draft of Memo Revision is due June 27th at Noon.
    3. Complete 3 exercises from Roebuck:
    a.) Exercise 7 "Courtesy" on p.68
    (based on reading p.54)

    b.) Exercise 1 "Identifying Direct
    and Indirect Writing  Strategies" on p. 95
     (based on reading pg.87-90)

    c.) Exercise 2 "Positive Writing Strategies" on p. 95
    (based on reading pg.93-94)

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